Ralph And Jack's Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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The Lord Of The Flies by William Golding takes us to an abandoned island, where there is a fight for leadership among boys. Jack and Ralph were friends but when civilization is tested. Jack turns to savagery. Ralph struggles to survive and bring back order and civilization. The two boys Jack and Ralph although became enemies have similarities. They both fight for dominance as leaders. Ralph uses civil means he created a democracy. Jack used chaos and fear he created a dictatorship. The antagonist Jack and protagonist Ralph have different personalities, but the boys can be compared and contrasted. They both want leadership, respect, and survival. Their different views lead to different governments and outcomes of leadership.

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Ralph genuinely cares about the well-being of the kids. Even though Piggy is fat and disregarded by many of the kids Ralph still lets him talk. Jack once again on cares about the meat and proving his superiority. When the beastie first appears in the story there were two different outcomes from the two characters. "He must have had a nightmare. Stumbling about among all those creepers.more grave nodding; they knew about nightmares. “ (Golding 44) Ralph made it so they would think it was a nightmare. Thinking it was but a nightmare comforted the children. This also shows that he cares for the littluns because after this line when jack say they 'll hunt it he makes it clear the beast does not exist. In addition, Ralph wants to build shelters to keep the littluns safe because they are afraid. "Ralph 's right of course. There isn 't a snake-thing. But if there was a snake we 'd hunt it and kill it. We 're going to hunt pigs to get meat for everybody. And we 'll look for the snake too--"(Golding 44) Jack says he’ll hunt it he was unable to kill a pig and yet expects himself to be able to kill a beastie. Jack says this to make himself appear stronger than he is. "Serve you right if something did get you, you useless lot of cry-babies! But there is no animal--"(Golding 96) Jack dislikes the littluns he treats them with harshness calling them crybabies and weak. This shows that he does not care about anyone. The children trust Ralph more, so when the beastie appears they call out for him. “And I was frightened and started to call out for Ralph and then I saw something moving among the trees, something big and horrid."(Golding 98) The littlun calls for Ralph, not Jack the hunter this shows that subconsciously the littluns trust Ralph more than Jack. Which means on the contrary from Jack. Ralph cares for the littluns. There were a few times Ralph was angry when Jack let the

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