Why People Wear Masks In Lord Of The Flies

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In “Lord Of The Flies” by William Golding, there are boys who are stranded on an island. These boys that are separated from society are shown to wear “masks”. I have created a mask that is like the character, Ralph, in “Lord Of The Flies”. It shows both my usual personality but also shows my real one. Most people wear masks and don't even know it. A mask shows and hides something you want to be or want to conceal. Sometimes a person takes off a mask and puts it back on. A mask has many uses that shows what a person wants to be, but also hides what a person’s real identity is. Masks hide personalities by showing something completely different to what a person's true personality is. For my mask, it hides that I'm scared of the future events that will come but it also shows that I am someone else with many different personalities. My mask accomplishes …show more content…

But both people have the same reason to why they’re even wearing a mask. It’s to hide someone or something. People only wear their masks when they want to be hidden by the people around them or maybe they even try to hide from themselves. Masks help conceal to who we are as people. They can give protection from anything or anyone as long as if it’s good enough to hide a person. Masks do change people in a way overtime. They get used to wearing more and more until it changes them completely. People want to hide but later there is nothing to hide. Like when you little as a kid and try to pretend to be a something and you actually become who you want to be. In “Lord of the Flies”, I am like Ralph because I am trying my best to be someone that I think I am but I can also be scared like Ralph. In the book, Ralph says, “I’m scared. Not of the beast, that too. But nobody else understands the fire.” Ralph tries to be the leader and control the boys with survival on the island. Ralph also tries to go against Jack, most of the time, being fearless which I do

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