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At first glance, Ralph is a central character who starts and completes William Golding novel The Lord of the Flies. From the onset of the novel, he is described as a “fair boy” with an “attractive appearance” (p7, 29). The author compares his stature as that of a boxer, “as far as width and heaviness of shoulders went, but there was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil” (p11). He has the physique and presence of a typical leader – strong but with a kind heart that makes him trustworthy. He is also described as being in an intermediate state, who has “lost prominent tummy of childhood and not yet old enough for adolescence” (p11). From this, the readers can infer that Ralph is still just another innocent boy not ready to realize the malicious evils of mankind. The other boys initially accept Ralph as a leader. He is the first to summon all the boys with the conch, which serves as a symbol and token of authority. Although Jack expresses strong desire to become chief, the boys elect Ralph as a leader, suggesting an air of charisma that made him worthy of his position. He believes a leader has to “think, be wise… grab at a decision”, someone who can look after others and keep the group in …show more content…

There are times when he discovers his own inner savage. He joins the hunt with Jack and rest of the group and becomes mesmerized over it, thinking, “hunting was good after all” (p162). He unleashes himself from the restraints of civilization and participates in the killing of Simon. He is, after all, just another innocent boy, a victim of the island. Nevertheless, he does remain as the last remnants of civilization until the ship arrives on the island. Although he did make it out of the forces of savagery, his new knowledge about mankind’s evil nature will change him forever, leaving him “weeping for the loss of innocence, and the darkness of man’s heart”

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