Essay On Lord Of The Flies Ralph And Jack Relationship

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The changing relationship between Ralph and Jack, the protagonist and antagonist in Lord of the Flies is one where these two boys at first seem like allies but quickly diverge and distance themselves apart and soon become completely at odds with one another. Due to the different approaches they take in the leadership of a group of boys stranded on an uninhabited island, the group splits into two opposing and even warring factions, showing the severity of their antagonism. In the beginning, relations between Ralph and Jack are not as hostile. When they explore their island, they appear to act like friends, fooling around and casually playing. They remain close throughout the first chapter. However, when Ralph is elected over Jack for chief …show more content…

After Jack and his choir agree to tend to the signal fire, Ralph spots a potential rescue ship but finds that Jack’s group let the fire go out as they went on a pig hunt, making Ralph extremely enraged and disappointed. Whereas previously there were only minor arguments that resolved quickly and easily that did not damage their relationship much, this marks the official beginning of the conflict of Ralph against Jack. After this incident was yet another turning point. What started off as an assembly “to put things straight” resulted in Jack disputing Ralph’s authority and leading everyone away in a show of clear mutiny. This shows that Jack is distancing himself and the group away from Jack. In chapters 6 and 7, there are more signs of Jack and everyone else disobeying Ralph, implying the further strain of Jack and Ralph’s relationship. In Chapter 8, Ralph angered Jack simply by calling him and his hunters cowardly and ineffective. In response, he unsuccessfully tries to impeach Ralph then permanently runs away into the forest, with many others joining him. A small provocation from Ralph causing Jack to form his own separate group shows how volatile the tension in their relationship now is. It can also be seen that Jack now fully rejects Ralph’s leadership in favour of his own. High tensions build up within the group about whose side to join in Chapter

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