How Does Golding Present Ralph From Lord Of The Flies

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Ralph is a fictional character from the famous novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Throughout the book, Ralph stood out in many ways by either his actions or by his charismatic personality. His traits made him a unique character in the book since it ranged from leadership, to sympathy for others. The other characters were not as different as Ralph as they were either too cocky, like the antagonist of the story, jack, or highly intelligent but too shy, like his friends Piggy and Simon.

The mannered and civilized boy, Ralph, shows excellent survival skills. He uses logic and strategic planning to gain durability in an unfamiliar environment. For example, when the group of boys crashed into the deserted island, he commenced the first meeting and started a bonfire. Another example would be how the boys would come up with assumptions and superstitions of an actual beast that exists in the island, he investigates to find out that it was actually a dead paratrooper, and uses that as evidence to tell everyone to keep calm, (although they didn't believe in him). These events all imply on how Ralph is a natural leader in any given situation. It also shows how decently smart he is by using common logic and not allowing the possibility of other people's perspective or opinions to influence him, unlike the …show more content…

The first time this happens is with his friend, Piggy. At first, we see him treat his friend harshly, but after he learned more about him, he then knew how to show more respect. For a twelve-year-old, this shows huge character development and indicates just how complex of a character he can be at some times. He also acknowledges and respects Simon's belief when it came to "the Beast". From the very beginning till the end of the novel, Ralph evolved as a character and a person as he show capability of learning from past mistakes and adjusts them by striving to become more affable to his

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