Human Nature In Lord Of The Flies And The Hunger Games

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Simon met his fate, getting dismembered, Cato was cruelly devoured while Katniss watched, Rue was stabbed fatally, Ralph was ruthlessly hunted. These events all have exactly one thing in common, the brutality of children. Throughout the books Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games, many ideas about human nature have been brought forth, they have been shown through characters, like Ralph and Katniss, through objects, like the representation of fire, and through events, like the degradation of civility throughout the books. So, what is being said about human nature? In Lord of the Flies, Ralph was one of the most civil characters, he was level-headed and recognized the need to be rescued, as well as the need for a leader. Which is why he accepted to be the …show more content…

They will do anything and everything in their power to stay alive, regardless of who they might harm in the process. That is true human nature exhibited here in the text, the selfishness that consumes humans in the event that they are faced with a life-threatening situation. There is also representation of fire throughout Lord of the Flies, which reveals much about human nature. The fire is the object that they put all their hope for being rescued into. The fire that the boys created pushed away the darkness and their fears about the beast, bringing light to the darkest of times, quite literally. The fire was also a symbol of civilization, that the boys would survive and get rescued. Fire is quite profound in what it reveals about humans. The fire was the object that the hunters didn’t have, it was desirable because it was limited. The fire brought out the innate greed that humans possess. The hunters weren’t content with asking for fire from Ralph, they were too prideful and savage to be civil in any manner, so they stole it. They stole the very object that allowed for the creation of fire, Piggy’s

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