Human Nature Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Human nature is the psychological features, such as good and evil, that all of mankind owns. In this novel children of all ages are on a deserted island due to a plane crash. With only each other to depend on, the children realize what needs to be accomplished in order to survive. Golding brings out the dark and sinister personalities within the characters as a side effect of their fear. As a result they begin to go against their morals. Despite this novel being dark, it brings up ideas of human nature that can easily be related to ideas in our modern world, such as killing for survival and pleasure and wanting to set things right. Violence is a common establishment in our society today and exists in the military and in everyday life. In the book, there are two major deaths: Simon and Piggy. Simon’s death is more accidental than intentional, considering how the boys thought he was the beast. With their lust of seeing the beast dead, they killed Simon without realizing it was him.…show more content…
From the start, Piggy and Ralph strive to make a stable society while they await for rescue. Later on in the novel, Jack’s tribe raids Ralph’s shelters and takes Piggy’s glasses, their only way to start a fire. In order to be rescued, Piggy and Ralph go to Jack’s tribe and demand that they get Piggy’s glasses back. “Which is better – to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?” (180). Here, Piggy is trying to convince Jack that Ralph’s human nature, which is about being just, is better than Jack’s human nature, which is about savagery. Even though majority of the boys transformed into a darker persona, Ralph and Piggy were not peer pressured into changing themselves to savages. To them, justice and peace is more important than corruption and violence. Although evil may exist in everyone, it can be controlled as there is also good in
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