Leadership In Lord Of The Flies, By William Golding

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Throughout history man has debated the amount of rules necessary to govern society. In the novel “Lord Of the Flies”, William Golding depicts the evils of mankind. Set during a time of war a group young british schoolboys survive their plane crashing into the ocean after being shot down. The young boys were forced to govern themselves by determining who would lead them, and what rules were necessary for them to survive until they are rescued. Golding used the conch to symbolise the initial rule of leadership. As leadership and rules evolve, the boys fracture into two groups of their new society. Piggy is affected by the conch, the fire, and the hunters. The conch is a very important rule that affects Piggy and all of the boys. It is from an …show more content…

The first fire quickly gets out of control and ends up killing a kid. Without the fire they would have no way of being found, no way to cook, or stay warm at night. The fire become a point of savagery. The only way on the island to make fire was with Piggy 's glasses. When Jack 's tribe steal his glasses it shows their dominance. It also make Piggy defenceless as he can not see. Hunting was the final main rule in Lord Of The Flies. Ralph made a rule that the choir boys led by jack would be the “hunters”. “The choir belongs to you, of course.” “They could be the army—” “Or hunters—” “They could be—” ... Ralph waved again for silence. “Jack’s in charge of the choir. They can be—what do you want them to be?” “Hunters.”(29-30) Piggy is constantly harassed by the hunters, and mainly by Jack. Later in the book after Ralph was betrayed and the Hunters had the new tribe, Piggy is attacked his glasses were stolen and Piggy was killed by Rodger. They had only one lens in them after Jack breaks them in chapter four. If Ralph would not have made Jack a leader in any way, the tribe likely would not have formed, leading to Piggy still being alive. Piggy was affected in Lord Of The Flies by the three main rules of the society. These rules are the conch, the fire, and the hunters. These rules play an important role in the structure of their society and in the end its

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