Essay On Power Of Power In Lord Of The Flies

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“Power is dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best.” When the young boys first gathered after the crash, they were civil, mostly well behaved boys until the need for power took advantage of them. Two crucial symbols from the novel are the sow’s head and the conch shell. Each of these symbols represent power however, their powers have different meanings. Consequently, the demand for power thrived on their souls and drove them to their breaking points. Lord of the Flies is about the role of power and control in the world and how it can enhance society or bring civilization as we know it, crumbling down. Throughout the novel, the leaders in the book, use certain symbols and objects to give them authority over the other boys and have law and order on the island. Nevertheless, the pig’s head and the conch both wield a certain power over the boys while giving control to the leaders of the group, but in the end, their obsession over control is what makes them lose control. How does the power of the conch differ from the power of the Lord of the Flies? Well, the conch portrays power and authority. When a meeting needed to be held the conch was blown to round up all of the boys. …show more content…

The boys use the power of these symbols to their advantage so they can gain more control. Jack and his choir had weapons that gave them control over almost anything, on which they used to create the “Lord of The Flies” also known as “the beast”. They started off using their weapons for the better but ended up using them for the worse. Sadly, they killed Simon and piggy and seriously harmed Sam and Eric with their injurious tools and sinister minds. Ralphs token of power was the conch that he and piggy found in the very beginning. They used it to keep law and order amongst the guys and to keep things civil. These objects just like certain articles in life held respectable powers and destructive powers over the

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