Conch Lord Of The Flies Essay

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In the novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, the conch is a primary symbol, which represents civility and order. Throughout the book it served as a power tool that the boys highly respected, in fact, the symbolism of the conch begins before it is even blown. Ralph is the one who originally discovers and posses the shell, but it’s Piggy who explains it’s significance. Piggy has to teach Ralph how to blow it; this shows how from the beginning the conch is linked with both Piggy and Ralph. Shortly after, Ralph blows the conch, which leads to the boys forming a meeting. This is the first time the conch is used as a thing of power. By blowing the conch, it gave the others an authoritative sense coming off of Ralph. “The children gave him …show more content…

Readers know that Jack, who represents brutality and the hunger for power, is constantly trying to overthrow Ralph for his position as leader. However, even Jack respects the conch at first, though it represents the exact opposite of his character. Simon is the only person that symbolizes true purity and goodness. He is only one who understands that the island is changing them and that their fear of the beast will eventually cause them to develop into beasts themselves. The conch, much like Simon, represents morality and harmony. When Jack and his hunters relentlessly kill him it is the first time readers truthfully see evil overpower good. Now that the once Christ-figure is dead their devilish traits start to escape them. Even Piggy, someone who is portrayed as wise and kind, tries to justify for Simon’s murder when he says, “It was dark. There was that- that bloody dance. There was lightning and thunder and rain. We was scared!” (156) Simon knew the truth about the beast, he had the potential to rescue the boys from themselves yet they escalated the situation and killed him for trying to spread the good news. The death of Simon was a real turning point in the novel. When the once pure, almost Godly boy is furiously executed is when the decline of the conch truly

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