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Quotes Analysis Further reflection “By the time Ralph finished blowing the conch the platform was crowded… before him small children squatted in the Grass. Silence now. Ralph lifted the cream and pink shell to his knees and a sudden breeze scattered light over the platform.” “‘we can't have everybody talking at once… He held the conch before his face and glanced round the mouth. 'Then I'll give him the conch.’... 'That's what this thing is called. I'll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he's speaking.(p.33)’” “Jack broke in. ‘All the same you need an army–for hunting. Hunting pigs–’” The conch gives whoevers holding it automatic authority and respect before Ralph even established what the conch is for. Ralph uses the conch as a symbol of authority with the boys in their second …show more content…

Represents humanity and their civilization. The blowing the conch is a test to see how far gone Jack's group are from humanity. If they do not come back then all hope of being rescued is gone. Some of the boys like Jack have already been taken over by their savage natures and they can't be rescued from that. The conch was described as magical, shining and beautiful in the story, now the way it is being described emphasizes how it's lost its power. Jack disregards the rule of only speaking when you have the conch and implies that only someone with a skill can tell people what to do/become a leader. Piggy is also seen as the intellectual one in the story, and its symbolized by how he's the only one in the group that has glasses. Piggy and the conch match with each other in the story, being the ones that bring lawfulness to the group. The conch also represents Piggy's part in the social dynamic: intelligent but physically

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