Foreshadowing Examples In Lord Of The Flies

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Trials of the Weak
How much faith in humanity can one have? Would human beings as a whole be able to prosper if faced with problems outside of normal everyday life? The lord of the flies gives the world a new aspect of today's society, showing the true power evil can be amoral on one’s mind. In the novel “Lord of the FliesWilliam Golding uses symbolism and foreshadowing in a naturalistic tone in order to convey the thought that those who are mentally weak are more susceptible to the evil of the world.
Golding's use of foreshadowing is very detailed and subtle. Golding hints at the future events from early on in the novel, constantly referring to the “Beast” (Golding). Throughout the novel inferring to the reader that the beast is more than …show more content…

At first the fire was used as a signal in order to try and save the boys, making it a tool for success to return them to the normal world. Ralph proclaims “We can help them to find us. If a ship comes near the island they may not notice us.” (Golding). Furthermore, in the novel, the fire becomes a source of comfort for the boys, providing them with warmth and usefulness as a source of light and method to cook food. There is a group of boys whose whole contribution is to keep the fire going as piggy states “The fire is the most important thing. Without the fire, we can’t be rescued” (Golding). For the boys the fire symbolizes the desire to be back in the world they remember giving them hope to survive. Golding's use of symbolism helps the reader to connect with the fire as a sort of hero for the boys protecting them, more importantly protecting their minds from reflecting and worrying more about the beast. In order for Golding's presentation of the boy's primal instinct to come across to the reader as the savergary that lives within all humans, how due to the standards of the world no mind should reach that point of corruption. In conclusion the boys’ minds are saved from evil when they are with fire it protects them from evil thoughts corrupting their

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