Holocaust Quotes In Lord Of The Flies

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When Elie Wiesel, author of Night was just 15 years old, he and his family were taken by cattle car to a concentration camp in Auschwitz to endure the tragedies of the holocaust. As soon as Elie and his family arrived to the concentration camp in Auschwitz he was stripped of his identity and “I became A-7713. From then on, I had no other name” (Wiesel 42). Correspondingly, in Lord of the flies, the boys are no longer able to recognize other’s humanity. It becomes hard for the boys to distinguish between themselves and the pigs they hunt and kill for food and sport. As several of the boys are hunting the beast, they repeat the ritual with Robert as a stand-in for the pig; this time, however, they get consumed by a kind of “frenzy” (Golding 114)

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