Imperfection In Lord Of The Flies

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William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies is about a group of young boys, aged around 6-12, that crash land on an uninhabited island, and without adults, they fail miserably. In E.L Epstein’s article “NOTES ON LORD OF THE FLIES” Golding reveals in his novel that the flaws in human nature lead to a flawed society; which is seen in society (Epstein par. 3).
Lord of the Flies provides an example of how imperfections in human nature start to surface when people are in a groups. One imperfection is their tendency to do violent and demeaning things as a mob. When Jack and his hunters are looking for meat in the forest, they violently torture and kill the pig, sticking a spear “right up her ass” (Golding 121). The group of boys have the ability …show more content…

According to “Richmond High School rape witness describes teen’s assault” by Cecilia Vega, at Richmond High’s 2009 Homecoming dance, a girl got gang raped by “as many as 10 people” while “20 others [watched] and did nothing” (Vega par. 5). Similar to the “rape scene” in Lord of the Flies, The group of guys overpowers someone and demeans them, only instead of a pig, it is a girl. The Lord of the Flies accurately reflects our society by proving there is a pattern of groups getting away with violence. The 20 people watching the gang rape in Richmond indirectly tell the violent groups that they can get away with their crime, again, proving Golding’s message he tells by Ralph and Piggy watching Simon die. Mobs also show the flaws in human nature in society by being an example of people without consequences. In the article “Brawls break out over Black Friday deals” by the New York Post (NYP), people desperate to simply save a few dollars for their gifts ended up “punching and slapping each other silly” (NYP par. 2). These people have this opportunity of doing whatever they want without repercussions, then their inner desires for violence arise that are normally suppressed by consequences. This relates (and thus proves Goldings point) to the boys in Lord of the Flies where no adults to punish them leads to the boys hunting, hurting, and even

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