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Lord of the Flies Essay

What is the nature of humans ? How does Mr.Golding use it in such a fictional story of

British boys to portray how truly dangerous people can be? In Lord of the flies, Mr.William

Golding uses the theme of human nature to show how easily a small society of british young men can

tear apart, and how dangerous humans can be towards themselves,

how a civilized human can turn into a filthy crazy savage. Mr. Golding’s fundamental …show more content…

He after gives up his time into hunting pigs, Thus changing the view of himself much more ever since the

beginning, slowly climbing into savagery.

On the flip side, Mr.Golding tries to show the purity within human’s through the character Simon.

He is very pure

and good, and has the most positive outlook. Simon is very different from the other British boy’s, he

always seems to be aiding the littluns and many sweet boy’s such as piggy. “ Simon sitting between

the twins and piggy , wiped his mouth and shoved his piece of meat over the rocks to piggy, who

grabbed it.” (Golding 75) This quote obviously dictates that Simon helped piggy by giving him a bit of

food, it portrays Simon’s wholeheartedness. In conclusion William tries to make readers visualize

Simon as a christ like figure. Pressoir 3

Finnaly , Mr.Golding uses major conflicts to display the theme of his. One of many

times which

shows this is when Simon passes away . After Simon’s encounter with “The Lord of the Flies” he

scurries back in fear to the tribe finding the boy’s dancing around the fire. He enters the middle and

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