Lord Of The Flies Fear Quotes

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Fear is a Battle with the Beast Within When fear is present, human beings have indescribable thoughts and actions. In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, british school boys have to deal with the wrath of true fear. When the boys are faced with fear they push civilization aside and become unrecognizable to others. Fear changes a person by changing their thoughts and actions. William Golding explains throughout the novel that fear is always lurking, and fear will change our minds based on the thoughts of the unknown that controls the way we act and the emotions we feel. In the beginning of the novel the boys showed fear of being alone. When the boys first arrived on the island some of their first thoughts were what they were going to do without grownups. They were worried and they feared the idea of being alone. During the first chapters Ralph says that “We’ve got to talk about this fear and decide there’s nothing in it. I’m frightened myself; sometimes; only that’s nonsense!”(Golding 82). This quote shows that the boys were afraid of what could possibly happen on the island. Ralph is unsure of what will …show more content…

Most of them turned to this savage figure by having this idea of a beast put into their minds. They aren’t sure what could be lurking in the terrain of the island. The boys want to be able to protect themselves and most of them transform into savages. With this fear in them they did indescribable actions. They killed an innocent boy because they were afraid of something that might not even be real. After this event takes place Piggy tells Ralph that “It was dark. There was that–that bloody dance. There was lightning and thunder and rain. We was scared!”(156). During this scene Piggy is talking about the murder of Simon. The boys thought SImon was the beast emerging through the bushes within the island. The boys had so much fear present; they couldn’t think of anything else other than

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