Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies Facepainting

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In the Lord of the Flies, the boys face major problems on the island. They try to act civilized and have order, but with Jack and his group of hunters rebelling, this order slowly goes down the drain. To makes things worse, Jack begins to act cruel and evil to the boys and even the animals. This lead to facepainting which symbolizes savagery, the “Beastie” which eventually means the boy’s fear and cruelty, and the pigs head on the stick, which was the turning point of complete evil, and a sacrifice to the beastie, which means a whole lot more that it seems.
The first symbol that was shown in the Lord of the Files is the face painting of the boys and the hunters. At first, people might believe that it is just paint to blend into the environment while hunting, but it actually means much more than that. It actually shows the loss of order, and the savagery that is taking over the boys. They rub the blood on their face to show that they want nothing to do with their civilized …show more content…

When Jack killed a pig, he tortured it by cutting it open, and cutting its head off. Being the sick and twisted person he is, he decides that it will be a sacrifice for the “Beastie”. We now know that the Beastie does not exist, but this was more than a sacrifice. It was a symbol to show that the boys have completely lost their civilized part of them, and they are now being true ‘savages’, and becoming more and more evil by the minute.
In the book Lord of the Files, there are many signs of symbolism in the book. Some we can see, and some we cannot understand. There are a few, however, that we can understand. They are face painting, which represents savagery, the “Beastie”, which represents the evil and fear in the boys, and the pigs head on a stick, which represents the loss of civilization, and evil beckoning inside them. Hopefully with these examples, you too can find more signs of symbolism in the book Lord of the

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