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Giver Questions By Jai Amin Period 3 Chapters 6-15: 1. Why must Jonas start taking pills and when will he be able to stop? Why does this occur when it does? Jonas had to start taking pills to prevent and “cure” the “stirrings.” Furthermore, based on Jonas’s age the “stirrings” is just the beginning of puberty. A theory to why the community instructs any kids who begin to have stirrings to take pill to “cure” it is that puberty could ruin their “perfect” society. 2. What is a symbol? Provide 3 examples of symbols within the novel and 3 separate quotes to back this up. Ie 3 in chapter 5 the speaker system announces "Attention. a reminder that stirrings must be reported for treatment to take place..." What is the point of giving Jonas a pill so that he doesn 't feel attracted to girls? Why would a community want to prevent that? What is dangerous to the community about love and attraction? Symbols are used all throughout the book to add depth to the story. One example of this would be how the children all receive different things as they get older, and how each item has something to represent. A quote that shows this is “females lost their braids at Ten, and males, too, relinquished their long childish hair and took on the more manly short style which exposed their ears” (p. 46) A second symbol in the book is Jonas seeing the color red which is a very “Emotionally intense color” and symbolizes the arrival in conflicting emotions in Jonas. A third and final example
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