Are People Born Good Or Evil Essay

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The understanding that some people are good or bad widespread all over the world.” The evil comes from human history and continue until today” and even today this statement has existed. Moreover, when people want to explain why people do some evil acts, the discussion often end with words like “people initially are born evil”. However, some other people argued that people are born good. Because of these many critics has debates such as: are people born bad, good or just like naked board without any morality. First of all, English philosopher John Lock argued that every person at the beginning of life like naked board, without any positive or negative sides. He suggests that nothing can be include to our body, besides people built-in sensory …show more content…

Moreover, not only Gobs but also Freud think like that because both suggest that people have selfish motivations for surviving in the society and they does not have any positive or altruistic sides. For example, you believed that people are basically good, it means that poverty or some other forces can cause people to commit violent crime, because it is only reason why people can make crime despite to their initially good nature. In addition, Sigmund Freud states that in civilized society people use violence only on criminals, and the point is that there is no law which can prosecute people who hide their domestic evil. Finally, the biggest argued that evil nature of humans was argued in several different of the experiment was happened in the Stanford. Participants were divided into two groups such as: three prisoners and three guards. The experiment mainly focused on the participants appearance, for example prisoners were dressed into prison clothes for feeling more demeaned and humiliated, however at the same time guards were dressed into like real guards with sunglasses for appearing more detached and less humane. The results were terrifying because the guards took the matter seriously and sometimes harassed the prisoners with the help pf physical punishment, or even

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