Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival Event Analysis

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For my service leaning assignment, I volunteered at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival in support of the Montgomery County Food Bank receiving donations at the festival entrance. In volunteering at the event, I learned the differences in service learning, volunteerism and community service and will provide details in what I learned a about each. I will also provide details and examples of teamwork, communication and networking experiences gained while at the event. A brief overview of the Montgomery County Food bank will also be provided with information on the assignment task, measurable success and interaction with fellow students and organization directors. Overall, the volunteer experience provided a great learning opportunity that …show more content…

I met with two other students at the festival entrance to assist in receiving canned food donations. We also provided coupons for the food donations as well as expressing a positive interest and thankfulness on behalf of the food bank. Food donations were boxed and stacked for collection at the end of the event for easy transport back to the food bank warehouse. Monetary donations were also accepted on behalf of the food bank during the collection event. We also provided answers to any question that people had in regards to the food bank or the festival. The assignment did not seem overly difficult but did have allot of interaction with the public so it was essential that we provided a very positive influence and genuine interest in accepting the donations along with expressing good …show more content…

Through the experience, I also gained a better understanding of service learning, volunteerism and community service while working with the food bank. I learned about the food banks purpose, mission and history and now have a much better understanding of the organization. In volunteering with the food bank, I was able to learn about food donations, distribution and the challenges in running an organization such as the one we were helping. Overall I see the value in contributing time and work to an organization that helps others in need. Many people depend on food donations and the service and work provided by many people of the organization are making positive impact in the

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