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Why do the people of today still associate stigma, shame and blame with mental health issues? Mental health issues are extremely and widely misunderstood. Despite the fact one in four people are likely to experience some kind of mental health problem a year in the United Kingdom. “Mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being and it affects how we feel, think and act. It also helps to determine how we handle situations such as stress, how we relate to others and how we make decisions. Considering mental health issues are so prominent in our day to day lives, why is it that they’re so vastly misapprehended? Mental disorders are commonly misconceived as Wyatt Fisher, a Colorado-based licensed psychologist implied in an interview with The Cheat Sheet; “People tend to view mental illness as a sign of weakness that people should just be able to ‘get over’, and many view it as a title given to those who are just ‘crazy’”. At one point mental health was a …show more content…

In two thousand and seven, a random sample of one thousand nine hundred and sixty three students completed a survey on internet use and experiences. Youths who experienced traditional bullying/cyber-bullying as a victim were more actively related to suicidal thoughts and behaviours than the offenders. This portrays that bullying has a strong impact on peoples mental health, but if the offenders really knew and were shown often how their words and actions can have extreme consequences and how they affect other people then would they think twice before abusing someone so much that they end up having a mental health issue for the rest of their life? Again, this leads me to believe that you should be educated enough on this subject to not associate a mark of disgrace with mental health and to know what behaviours are

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