Argumentative Essay On Puppy Mills

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Puppy mills areis toxic to everyone around them because they continuously breed sick puppies. Dogs are being forced to reproduce until they can no longer give birth. Their puppies then end up being sick and only last about nine9 days or less. These reasons are why puppy mills needs to come to an end. Puppy mills areis obviously owned by peoplesomeone who haves no heart for animals. There are several dogs who have been in cages their whole entire life. They have never felt soft grass in between their little paws or a person's hand rubbing their furry head in comfort. They live in rusty, wired cages with nothing but an old bowl of water that has green slim around the ring of it. Most of the dogs are females who are needed for breeding. They …show more content…

When other dogs get to play outside, they get to look at the dirt in the bottom of their cages hoping one day they could escape this awful place. UBut unfortunately, most of the dogsm do not get to escape. Nine9 out of ten10 times the female dog will get sick from the lack of care. They never get their shots that are needed. Wwhenever they are sick and need help, they never get special care from a vet to see if everything is okay., Mand most importantly, they never get love and affection. Some of them do not even know what love is and how it feels to have a owner that would do anything for their dog. Whenever the sick dogs breed they pass on that sickness to their puppies. Once their puppies get sick they only last about nine9 to ten10 days and then their sickness will cause them to die off. The owners of puppy mills will sell the puppies to Ppetsmart, Ppetco, and other breeders around the area. The people buying the puppies have no idea that they are sick and are in need of serious care of a veterinarian. They the breedersn sell the puppies at the local stores in town. The puppies will die from the sickness and possibly spread the disease to other animals in the

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