What Is The Last Meow Persuasive Essay

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The Last Meow Persuasive Essay Americans now are spending way too much money on their pets. In our society, people nowadays are going overboard on what they consider necessary for their animals. People are spending money in the thousands just for their pets to have a few more months of agony and pain. Some people even care more about their animals over their own family. Animals are great and make our lives better but when they are suffering and all we can do is extend their pain for a few months and pay thousands of dollars it just isn’t worth it. Americans nowadays spend money on tons of things that aren’t worth it, but spending thousands of dollars on dying animals is ridiculous. Furthermore, people even treat their animals as family like for example “Eighty-Three Percent refer to themselves to as their parents pet’s mom or dad” (The Last Meow). As a former pet owner I can say that it is ridiculous how people consider animals as their family and use that to justify spending thousands of dollars to keep them for a few months longer. No animal deserves to suffer and be in agony just because you want to cuddle up with them for a little while longer. Making your animals stay alive and in pain for a little while longer does not justify spending thousands of dollars. …show more content…

Some evidence of this is how Karen states that “I don’t know what I would have done without the cats”.(The Last Meow). While they make a good case there is no reason why an animal should cost you much money and it’s only for a few months of pain to the animal. The humane thing to do would be to just put the animal down. For example “ Is the agony of chemotherapy worth an extra six months of life to a daschund? (The Last Meow) This sums it up perfectly on how no dog would want to have to suffer any longer if they don’t have

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