Summary Of The Last Meow By Burkhard Bilger

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In the article, “The Last Meow,” by Burkhard Bilger argues that people are spending a lot of money on their pets rather than spending it the right way. It is estimated Americans spend billions of dollars a year on veterinary care.Bilger believes our love affair with our pets and spending on animal has gotten out of control . American spend nearly three times as much as federal government spends on welfare grants.Although pet care is very important , I agree with Bilger that this has gotten out of control because pet owner spent humorous amount of money for their pet unnecessary things, pet owners are giving the life and luxury to their pets and many pets do not get the services some pet’s get.Also,pets are bear more than their natural burden of human love. …show more content…

Like hotels instead of kennels, braces to fix crooked teeth and other necessities that pet owners believe that they should have for their pet. For example in article “The Last Mewo” the Levering's paid fifteen thousands dollars even if they are in debt, low income, and going through health problem itself. This show us how they use money to save their pets just for few weeks instead of using the money for their own family issues. The money should go to those animals with actual necessities not the ones who are on the verge of death.Animal medicine and veterinary care is becoming pricier; also because our economy is going drastically down, prices of food, clothes, and medication is going up. Bilger believes that rather spending so much money on doing a kidney transplant one’s pet it’s better to put down that pet and stop all that suffering, pain, and wasteful

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