Personal Narrative: How Having A Dog Changed My Life

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Dogs have long been known to make great companions. I have heard from many people who own a dog that a dog is capable of boosting your mood and your health. But is it true? I didn’t know if it was all true until my sister surprised us with two tiny dogs. After having our dogs for several months I noticed it does change our lives in many ways. For me, my dogs changed it by showing me how to care for them. They also taught me how to understand them and how to love them even when they’re annoying and clingy. Having a dog teaches us patience, commitment, and selflessness. Caring for a dog takes a lot of responsibility and commitment. We also learn to be less focused on ourselves and be more patient, as pets can sometimes test our patience. Owning a dog can actually have a special impact in our lives. Firstly, my dogs have changed my life in a couple of ways because at first, I didn’t care about them, all I had in mind was …show more content…

Like I mentioned before at first I wasn’t very happy with the idea of owning pets. After a while, my dad got tired of them as well and wanted to sell them. He actually found a woman who was willing to take them into her home but when my dad was speaking to the woman, ready to give them away, he backed out at the last moment. He couldn’t give them up himself he told me he saw how sad my brothers were and how the puppies looked sad as well and weren’t hyper like always. I wasn’t there with him when he was going to give them up because I was at my mom’s home but as soon as he told me they were meeting up with the woman I felt a knot in my throat. I cried a little because I didn’t want to give them away. I had finally learned to love and accept them that It hurt me knowing I wasn’t going to be able to see them anymore. Yes, they are very clingy and annoying but that is the best part of them, they love you unconditionally no matter

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