Persuasive Essay On Dog Training

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INTRODUCTION Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. Ann Landers Do you wish you could solve all your dog training problems? Do you sometimes wish that you had bought a fish? Then this is the book for you. With this book you can solve all of the problems associated with dogs and dog training. You will learn not only how to communicate with your dog but why so many attempts at dog training fail. You may be surprised to hear that dog training is not difficult although quite a lot of people would like you to think so. You will have noticed that the title of the book mentions lack of stress – almost. I believe there will always be a little stress, not for the dog but for the human part of …show more content…

Just remember dog training is not difficult. Although this is probably the only dog training book you need to buy I sincerely hope that you will buy others, simply because you will have become hooked on a fascinating subject. Owning a dog is a pleasure that can be hugely increased by spending a few min- utes two or three times a day doing simple training. Nothing complicated - just ba- sics. You will benefit from having a happier and more contented dog and also a happier and more contented you. Everyone knows that dogs need exercise, physical exercise that is, but not everyone understands that they also desperately need mental exercise! Obviously this is canine mental exercise, that is to say we don’t expect the dog to want to start learning chess but imagine if you can just what your life would be like without any mental stimulation - you would quickly go mad! First you should consider the position of the dog in your life because no matter how much you think of your dog he is not your whole life! Your dog is certainly a part of your life, and an important one but you also

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