Personal Narrative Essay: My First Dog

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Shortly after my sixteenth birthday, something terrible happened to me. But, first let's start at the beginning. When I was five years old my parents got me the best gift a little girl could ever ask for, a puppy. My dad came into the house with what I thought was a black jacket in his arms. I was wrong, after he came into the kitchen the “jacket” popped it’s little head up, it wasn’t a jacket, it was a puppy. We named that little black fur ball with white paws Bailey. Bailey was my first dog, and she was perfect. On all those hot summer days she would chase us all around the house outside, she would never get tired. Bailey was my best friend, we even shared the same birthday. One day near the beginning of October of 2017, Bailey was acting strange. She wouldn’t eat and when we took her outside to go to the bathroom she slowly walked across our old wooden deck and stare at us. Normally, Bailey is always running around, full of …show more content…

But, we went home and gave the medicane to my dog. Everyday, twice a day, we got the peanut butter out of the cabinet and smothered the blue and white colored pills with peanut butter so, Bailey didn’t taste them. Everything was going ok until one morning, it was red, white and, blue day at school and Mandy and I were getting ready for school just like we did every other day but, what we didn’t know was that this was going to be a day we would never forget. On my way downstairs I opened the door to my parents room. It squeaked as I opened it just like every other day. I whispered at my dog “Bailey, come on, it’s time for breakfast.” She came out of my parents room slower than normal. She hobbled down the steps. I gave her her food but she wouldn’t eat it. Mandy and I instantly became scared and we ran upstairs to wake my

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