Personal Narrative Essay: The Gift Of A Dog

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The winter season was upon us. Snow fell, christmas decorations were up, and our spirits were high. My brother, Milan, and I loved the holiday season. Spending time with our family, opening gifts, playing in the snow; it was all like a dream come true. Every year we made our own wish lists, decorating them in green and red stickers. Although, for the last few years, all we wanted was one simple gift, in our opinion. It was a puppy. A puppy that would run around in our house and backyard, tennis ball stuffed in his mouth and the look of joy on his cute puppy dog face. It was the only thing I truly ever wanted, however my parents continued to stress that is was too much of a responsibility since my brother and I were at a fairly young age. We …show more content…

It was a dog collar. A shiny red dog collar with black paw prints sat at the bottom of the box. “Oh. My. God. Thank you Mom and Dad! I love you so much!” the two of us screamed as we ran around the room hugging our parents. “Tomorrow we were planning on going to some of the local animal shelters to find our new dog! Why don’t you two start looking at different dog breeds,” my mom excitedly announced as my dad stood behind the camera, capturing this priceless memory. We sprinted to our family shared computer and went to work instantly, searching up every dog breed we could think of. However, we knew we wanted a small dog that was hypoallergenic, which means he/she doesn’t shed. “What about a Poodle? Or a Shih Tzu?” my brother suggested. “Wait! What about this one!?” I pointed out one specific picture on the bright computer screen. It was a morkie. Half YorkShire terrier, half Maltese. It was absolutely perfect for our family. The following day finally arrived after what seemed like months. Around noon, the four of us headed out to our first animal shelter, Shake-A-Paw. When reaching the shelter, we entered the front door to the delightful sound of barking dogs, here and there. Thoughts raced through my mind, and before I knew it, I was searching for a

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