Hachiko The Story Of A Loyal Dog Essay

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Humans and animals are loyal, friendly, and understanding species which allows them to understand each other. People and animals are like no other, they can share a special bond and learn to love one another other. But, there are reasons why they are so loyal to one and other, why they are friendly to one and other, and why they understand each other. These bonds are often unbreakable. One way people and animals get along is when they show loyalty to each other. In the text, “Hachiko, The Story Of A Loyal Dog” in paragraph 16 there was a sentence that gave a great example of the loyalty between a dog and a human. Hachiko, the dog, would sit at the station everyday and wait, even though his owner, Dr. Uneo, was never coming back. After weeks, months, and even years, Hachiko had been waiting for his owner at the station. He was so loyal to his owner, that he …show more content…

One example of that friendship is from “Monkey Master”. In paragraph 8, the texts states “He moved Congo to a high chair for comfort”, Morris, the human is being friendly to Congo, the chimp, by giving the animal a nice place it sit while he paints. Another piece of evidence is from the story “My Life With Chimpanzees” in paragraph 47 it states, “Gradually as the weeks went by, I began to recognize the chimps more and more”, this shows a friendship or bond between the the human, Jane Goodall, and the chimps that would come visit her everyday. When humans come to realize the differences in personality between the same species a bond forms. The last piece of evidence was found in the story “Hachiko, The Story Of A Loyal Dog,” in paragraph 4. Hachiko, the dog, bounced or leaped all over his owner. This shows friendship between the owner and the dog and how this bond is unbreakable. As you can see, people and animals can develop a great attachment towards each other that help them get to know each other and be

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