Personal Narrative: My First Duck Dog Flint

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Humans have been bonding with animals since we could write on cave walls. Over the years dogs have always been loyal friends but some are tools we use in our activities. This is true for my first duck dog Flint. To me he is a great companion but also A vital hunting partner. This is the story of our first hunt together. It was a surprisingly cold November morning for north Alabama. There was an overcast sky with a dense frost on the ground, and a slight north wind. The makings of a perfect hunt. It was the first day of duck season as I looked in the backseat of my jeep wrangler I saw the big black lab 's ears perk up like he could feel my excitement. This would be his first hunt. All the training we had been doing the last nine months had been leading up to this moment. …show more content…

There were already a number of vehicles parked outside. As we approached the door we were met by my hunting buddy Mont and his lab Macy. When Flint saw Macy he instantly started yanking against his leash to greet her. With a quick jerk and a sharp no he regained his composure. Mont half laughed half said "Is he gonna be ready?". "We 'll see" I said. When we got inside all of the other hunters eyes went on us. Other than Mont nobody at the club had seen Flint before. As we headed to get some coffee an old, short, stocky man that everyone took to calling old man Morgan made a bee line toward us. From the grin on his face I knew he had a joke ready. "Hey boy no cats in the cabin" he yelled so his audience could hear. Everyone obviously thought it was funnier than I did. I put a smile on and said "we 'll see after the hunt old

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