Shell By Cynthia Rylant Analysis

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“My essay about Shells”

“Shells”By Cynthia Rylant Is a realistic fiction story about a boy whose parents died and now he lives with his aunt.First they got into a big argument and say bad things like they hate each other.Soon Michael comes home with a crab and names it Sluggo.Finally Michael and Aunt Esther get along and not fight any more. The hermit crab brings them together and it stops fighting.This proves that a pet can bring people together and likely will stop fighting. In the beginning, Michael and Aunt Esther are in a big fight. Like in paragraph 6, “I don’t,” Michael yelled , “it's not you!” Aunt Esther said Michael punishes her every day. Aunt Esther finally ends it, an Michael leaves for school, but when he gets home Aunt Esther is on the phone talking about him. That's how they argue every day and how they always …show more content…

Aunt Esther realized that she had to accept Michael into her life and he is her new family.That's how Sluggo brings them together and makes both of them happy.Michael is happy Aunt Esther did this for him.This tells that both of them get together from the crab leaving its shell making them realize that they are now family forever. The crab in the story like many other pets bring people together.When they got mad at each other, Michael got a pet to keep him company.When Aunt Esther got interested it was a time they didn’t fight.When they get a ton of them that brought them together they realized this is how life is going to be with them for now on. In the end they realized his parents were gone and Aunt Esther realized she had a sun+ now and a lot of crabs.In the end the lesson learned was to always care for each other and don’t always fight and to love each other. That's how the crab brought them

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