Nada By Carmen Laforet Analysis

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The novel ‘Nada’ written by Carmen Laforet is a twisted heart-breaking tale about a year in the life of the 18-year-old female protagonist Andrea. Throughout this year, Andrea spends in Barcelona with her relatives, she developed various relationships, both homosexual and heterosexual. For the purpose of this essay I will discuss Andrea’s highly affective homosexual relationships with her best friend Ena and her aunt Gloria and how she views and describes both woman differently. I will also briefly contrast her homosexual relationships with that of her heterosexual relationships with Pons and her uncle Román.
I will begin with discussing Adrea’s relationship with Gloria, as this relationship began before her relationship with Ena did.
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The night in question Gloria was beaten while in the bath. Andrea tries to warm her aunt’s naked, shivering body. “Frotando su cuerpo lo mejor que pude, entré yo en calor… Ven a mi cuarto, si quieres”. (130) After this both women get into Andrea’s bed. What Andrea fantasizes while comforting Gloria is in my opinion the most shocking image in this novel. “Me sentí hambrienta como nunca lo he estado. Allí …Algo así como una locura se posesionó de mi bestialidad al sentir tan cerca el latido de aquel cuello de Gloria, que hablaba y hablaba. Ganas de morder en la carne palpitante, masticar. Tragar la buena sangre tibia”. (132) Although this scene occurs due to Andrea’s severe hunger, I also believe that it would not have occurred if Andrea did not have a physical attraction to her aunt.
As I have mentioned, Andrea’s attraction with her aunt Gloria is based on her striking beauty and not her personality. On the other hand, Andrea’s attraction to Ena is far more

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