Witness By Karen Hesse: Character Analysis

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The book Witness, by Karen Hesse was a wonderful story about many different characters changing, because in 1924 the Klu Klux Klan known as the KKK, moved into a small town in Vermont. The KKKs are just a very Terrific, and was racist to a lot of people who just hate on many other races. This story surrounds 2 important character; Esther, and Leonora being on the KKK “target or hated list”, however those two weren’t alone. They faced these problems together, and they had each other when needed. A theme that shows up often in the book Witness is racism. An good example is when Leonora saved Esther from the train.“ then my mother was gone, but there was Ester, looking up still as a rock, gazing at the big train….the train was nearly on top …show more content…

In the beginning of the story she is very innocent, nice, and childish. Esther is 6 years old. As Esther is growing up, the KKKs were also changing. In the middle Esther started being very sad.Esther misses her mom so she stood at the train tracks thinking of her mom. Esther at the end of the story really didn’t want to make her life any harder.She stops believing in the train completely as she grows up.”I'm never,ever stopping in a train track again” This quote shows that Esther knew that she understands that the train will only take her life and not being her to her mother.however she didn’t want to get in any kind of trouble and have her friend to worry. The author Karen Hesse wrote, and showed that Esther is very understanding. Karen Hesse wrote witness in a very fun, but fascinating way. It’s not like any normal book, where the story revolves around each character's perspective throughout the whole book. Witness focuses on different characters surrounding. Witness may look like a poetry , but it really isn’t. It is just a normal story but with many perspective of things happening throughout. It might be weird and hard to read, but after you get the hang of it , you will think that every character is very special and unique in their own

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