What Are The Similarities Between The Scottsboro Trial And To Kill A Mockingbird

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Most Americans 65% including majorities across racial and ethnic groups say it has become more common for people to express racism toward other ethnicities. Throughout this essay, there will be two examples of racism that will be discussed. Number one the Scottsboro trial and number 2 the To Kill A Mockingbird novel . These examples genuinely show the negative factors of racism. First, we start off with the Scottsboro 2 poor, white women, Ruby Bates and Victoria Price accused 9 boys of raping them. The two white women Ruby Bates and Victoria Price were riding a freight train to Chattanooga, Tennessee when a fight broke out and the nine boys were arrested on a minor charge, But when the deputies questioned the two women Ruby Bates and Victoria Price they claimed that the boys had beaten them and raped them. The nine boys were quickly transferred to jail to await a trial. They had a grueling number of 16 trials before the defendants were ultimately saved from execution. The second is To Kill A Mockingbird. The short …show more content…

For example, In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinson was in the county jail and he had to be protected because people wanted to harm him for what he had supposedly done. So Atticus had to sit outside Maycomb's county jail to protect him from any harm that may come his way. The book states ¨Atticus was sitting propped against the front door. He was sitting in one of the office chairs, and he was reading, oblivious to the night bugs dancing over his head¨. (153) Now also in The Scottsboro Trial the, attorney had to sit outside the jail to protect Tom also because people wanted to hurt him because of the things he allegedly did. The author of To Kill A Mockingbird was trying to show that people judge other people for what they hear. The people wanted to hurt Tom because they heard that he raped Myella. They were quick to judge

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