What Was The Trial Of The Scottsboro Boys

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When do you decide that racism is not just a collection of non-isolated isolated incidents? When instead does it become a whole system set up for the benefit of a particular segment of society?” (Baylor). The trial of the Scottsboro Boys is an example of racial injustice and discrimination at its peak. The infamous trial of nine black teenagers who were accused of raping two white women spread like wildfire across the South, which had been polluted with racism by Jim Crow and years of slavery that had come to an end. Ancient traditions of hatred towards African Americans were displayed throughout the entirety of the several trials in this case. Eight of the nine boys were sentenced to death in their first trial, starting a several year long …show more content…

However, the accusations made by these two women are simple fallacies that were conjured by the two women, completely false in every way. The two white women involved in the case admitted that they had fabricated the rape allegations. Their conflicting testimonies and subsequent retractions raise serious doubts about the credibility of their initial claims with Victoria Price even confessing that "she and Ruby Bates had fabricated the rape accusations due to fear of being arrested for vagrancy. Their inconsistent and ever-changing accounts further undermined the credibility of their claims". Furthermore, "in a courageous act of truth-telling, Ruby Bates later admitted that she had been coerced into supporting Victoria Price's false account," (PBS). The whole case against the boys is completely false. The two women involved in this case created this accusation to avoid further trouble with the law authorities as a cover, as both of these women had been arrested on counts of vagrancy and various sexual misconduct. The accusers quite literally admitted to false accusations, meaning only one thing: The Scottsboro Boys are innocent. In addition, even if there was any doubt of the testimonies being fake, there is evidence against the statements that disprove their validity. One example of the conflicting testimonies was the varying accounts of the number of assailants. Initially, Victoria Price testified that all nine Scottsboro Boys were involved in the assault, but later she changed her story, claiming that only six of them had participated (History Channel). This inconsistency in her account raises doubts about the accuracy of her initial allegations. Furthermore, the defense team highlighted the discrepancies in the descriptions of the alleged assault provided by Victoria Price and

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