Similarities Between To Kill A Mockingbird And Scottsboro Trial

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Mayella vs. Victoria: To Kill A Mockingbird vs. Scottsboro Trial “He couldn’t get us to the chair fast enough.” Haywood Patterson a young black boy accused of raping two young girls named Victoria Price and Ruby Bates said this during his trial. Patterson said this about the judge of the case he was involved in. This was in the Scottsboro trial where a group of black boys was accused of raping the two young girls Victoria and Ruby. This same topic is brought up in the book To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee when a young lady named Mayella Ewell accuses a black man named Tom Robinson of raping her. Mayella and Victoria are alike in many ways shown in both their trials. In the Scottsboro case Victoria is equal to Mayella Ewell, they are the …show more content…

In both cases the jury and spectators could not always decide if the girls were telling the truth about events that happened. For Victoria one of the times she didn’t know all the information that could be vital to deciding the cases outcome was when she was explaining where Mrs. Brochie lived; Victoria stayed there prior to the alleged rape. Victoria said she did not know where Mrs. Brochie’s house was located saying that she had to ask a boy on the street where she lived and later saying that all she could remember is that it was the fourth house in the block. When further investigation occurred they said they never found Mrs. Brochie or the house she supposedly lived in. This same type of uncertainty and inability to remember happened in To Kill A …show more content…

They both supplied for their families or more of supported them by doing a lot of work; their parents were single parents who needed help because they were either a drunk or disabled. For Victoria she works in a factory and supplies for her mother. Victoria only has on parent who fell down the stairs and injured her arm, which is now stiff. Mayella’s father is a drunk and cannot keep a job. Mayella is forced to do a lot of work since her father is her only living parent and she has many siblings to care for. Many times her father would be drunk and not paying attention to the family, which may be because of his wife dying. Mayella and Victoria are alike since they both were forced to supply for their lower class family because of crutch that their parents

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