Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird Analysis

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In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, undoubtedly there is more than one type of discrimination displayed. Before we get into that, what exactly is discrimination? Well, to discriminate means to treat someone differently based on what they believe, their age, gender, who they love, even their appearance. The forms that I will be talking about are Sexism, (Prejudice actions based on gender) Racism, (Prejudice actions based on race) classism, (Prejudice actions on those of a different social class) and discrimination on those with a disability. Discrimination can affect anyone, though usually, it targets those of color and women, there are cases when those discriminated, are white males, such as Arthur (Boo) Radley. Despite being a white man, …show more content…

Another example of racism would be Tom Robinson and his whole court case; despite all the clear evidence that Atticus, a lawyer, provided, the jury, which is made up of all white prejudice men, were in favor of Mr. Ewell, a nasty white man, instead of Tom, who was not only black but crippled. Regardless of the fact that the jury was well aware of the fact that the Ewell family is known for being nasty, lying, no-gooders, An example of this is when Atticus states his views on the Ewell family as, “the disgrace of Maycomb.” The fact that they were white, is what aided them in winning the case. Causing the jury to send a blind eye to the fact that Mayella and possibly the rest of her siblings are being abused and manipulated. Thus, resulting in Tom’s arrest for a crime he didn 't commit. The saddening thing is, that the whole scenario started because Mayella attempted to seduce Tom, and her father found out. Filled with rage, Mr. Ewell beat his daughter, he found it unacceptable that his daughter fancied a black man. Then, he claimed that Tom raped his daughter to cover everything up. There are even cases such as Tom’s happening to this day, such as the case of Miguel Angel Peña Rodriguez Vs. Colorado. The jury was corrupted by bias thoughts which resulted in an unfair trial. That did not go in favor of the accused, in this case, the one accused was Miguel, he was accused of sexual;y harassing two girls in a bathroom. He pleaded innocent, also stating that they have the wrong person. One of the jurors, on the other hand, stated that Peña Rodriguez was guilty of sexual assault because he was Mexican and that “Mexican men take whatever they want.” The fact that someone could say this and get away with it disgusts me. Later the juror was ratted out by his fellow juror, his response, “nine times out of 10 Mexican men were guilty of being aggressive toward women and young girls” in his experience, the jurors said, adding that H.C. called the defendant “an illegal.” (Peña

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