Night Elie Wiesel Summary

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The book starts in 1941. Elie is a young kid who loves studying Judaism. He reads the Talmud a lot. He studies with this dude named Moshe Beadle. Moshe is a handyman who digs religion. Moshe tells Elie to ask God questions, and that you should not just dive into "believing in God. Then one day the Hungarian Army comes and starts taking people away. They take Moshe. The townspeople think Moshe’s crazy. Moshe returns after a few months. He tells the people that these evil dudes took people and killed them and shot babies and stuff. Moshe was shot but escaped. The people listen to the war on the radio. The Russians are winning and the people think that they don’t have to worry about Hitler and his army coming and killing them. Then they start seeing German soldiers …show more content…

Then Elie’s dad (Chlomo) finds out that the Germans are gonna ship the Jews somewhere (they don’t know yet). One early morning a nice cop warns the Wiesel family of the bad stuff that’s gonna happen. The Jews start packing their things. They start getting shipped out. Elie’s family isn’t picked to go on the first couple trains. So they hang out in the "ghetto". Then Elie’s family is shipped out on the last train. There are like 80 people all stuffed like sardines in the train. The conditions were awful. The trip lasts 3 days. Each day sucks. They are crowded, hungry and hot. The train stops in Czechoslovakia. The Germans make everyone give up all their possessions. They tell them if anyone escapes they will be shot. Then this chick named Madame Schachter starts going crazy and screams because she has these visions of people burning. On the last day the train finally arrives in Auschwitz. 2 of the Jewish passengers go to get water. They come back and tell everyone stuff they heard. They say all families will work together, and there will be medical help for

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