What Are The Similarities Between Night And Farewell To Manzanar

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In Night and Farewell to Manzanar the camps forced the prisoners to live a life they did not expect. These camps were in Poland and The United States. The camps ruined people’s lives because of many reasons. These are terrible event that happened. I would say all prisoners suffered at the camps, but some did more than the others. Of course people had to work at these camps. The camps in Poland would make people work hard for a long amount of time. The people here did not really had an option to not work. Their option was either crematory or work. At the end of the day, they would be tired. In the story Night, Elie could not sleep because of what he saw when they were killing kids. The camps in the United States the people there could of taken a break from work, but they would not get paid. Here they could make their cabin a home and decorate it. They shared their cabin with other families because most people got to stay with their family. In camps in Poland like Auschwitz and Buna, families were separated. They were separated by gender, so dads were with their son and moms were with their daughters. A majority of the kids died because they were to young and could not work. Older people died too, …show more content…

It was a community that were split up; that is how the government called them. Elie and his father was together in the community with their family. Then Elie father went to a meeting. After that meeting people had to pack up since there were going to be somewhere. Many were scared, there were more confused of what is going on. Many did not what will happened to there houses or stores when they are going to be where there were going. When they went to the camp, Elie and his father were being separated from his mother and sister. Elie and his father lied about their ages so they could survive the camp. After that they Elie never saw his mother or sister. At the ever end Elie dies, but Elie survived the

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