Enrique's Journey Thesis

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Refuge and the Impact of Relationships Have you ever wanted to escape from your everyday life due to stressful relationships and challenges and find refuge in things you truly enjoy? Refuge is a state of feeling safe and comfortable in your surroundings. People can find refuge in many places, things, or with people. Relationships that are created with other people are very important for someone's physical and mental health because they can influence many important life decisions that could significantly impact someone’s life in either a negative or positive way. To begin with, Enrique's Journey, by Sonia Nazario shares the journey of a boy named Enrique who lives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with his mother, Lourdes, and his sister, Belky. Enrique …show more content…

They both were seeking refuge from many concerns including a stressful home life, drug addiction, and failing grades in school but they found sanctuary in train hopping and with one another. Ashley and Adam instantly connected and were almost always together until a fatal accident occurred where Ahsley perished, after being hit by a train. Sometimes the most trusting relationships can be fostered with people outside your family. Although Ashley and Adam met recently they bonded over the exhilaration they experienced from train hopping and overcame many challenges together like Adam’s incarceration. “As the cops hauled him away, he handed her the leash attached to his puppy, Bumjug, an Australian shepherd mix. When he got out a week later, she was waiting for him with the dog” (Goffard 32). This depicts how Adam trusted Ashley enough to look after his dog while he was in jail. He handed her the leash without speaking, which was a sign of unwavering faith that he knew she would take exceptional care of his puppy, Bumjug. Even though Ashley and Adam are not related, they connected instantly with each other while train hopping which led to the enhancement of one another’s welfare. Chris McCandless and Franz, in the book Into the Wild, had a very profound relationship. Franz played a very important role in Chris’s life, in which Franz played the fatherly role. Over time Chris and Franz grew to care for and depend upon each other deeply. “‘Will you come pick me up?” McCandless asked. “Yes. Where in Seattle are you”’ (Krakauer 54)? This emphasizes the bond Chris and Franz had showing that Franz would go out of his way to help Chris out. Chris knew that he could always count on him. These mutual feelings of trust allowed them to both feel content and at ease. “On the Run From Everything But Each Other” and Into the Wild both

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