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McCandless’s need for society
People believe that a stable mental health can be achieved by being alone, they’re simply wrong. A stable mental health cannot be achieved without human relationships. Into the Wild is a book based on Chris McCandless, a man who decided to go into nature to not lose touch with his inner self. Jon Krakauer, the narrator and author, tells this story through Chris’s family, friends, and personal writings. While McCandless thinks he doesn’t need society, he constantly forms relationships with people he meets on the road. These relationships affect him by improving his mental health. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless removes himself from society. Krakauer suggests that having human relationships is essential …show more content…

Franz was at the top. Franz met McCandless in California, where he lived in Hot Springs. He took a particular interest in McCandless, specifically in his intelligence. He likes how McCandless knows what he wants and how he is not afraid to go for it. As they continue to hang out more, they’re relationship grows. McCandless becomes very close to Franz to the point that Franz considers adopting him as his own. Franz even teaches McCandless how to become a leatherworker, in a similarity to a father-son relationship, “An Accomplished leatherworker, Franz taught Alex the secrets of his craft; for his first project, McCandless produced a tooled leather belt, on which he created an artful pictorial record of his wanderings” (Krakauer 51). McCandless was intentionally building his and Franz’s relationship. Not only did he engage with him, but he also allowed Franz to become close to him. While McCandless does leave eventually, he takes the opportunity to maintain they’re relationship. This relationship proves that McCandless wanted to be involved with people because the relationship improved his mental health. McCandless needs Franz for his mental …show more content…

It seems that McCandless almost draws people in. Whether it’s his intelligence, looks, or actions, people are always drawn to him. Even Westerberg’s mother, who didn't care about meeting McCandless said, “ There was something fascinating about him,” (Krakauer 67). It’s fair to say that McCandless did not try to form relationships, people just find him fascinating. However, these relationships did impact McCandless and his journey. Without these relationships, McCandless’s mental health would be unstable. The way these relationships offered him comfort and support contributed to his journey as well as his mental health. In fact, without these relationships, McCandless wouldn’t have been able to continue his

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