Chris Mccandless Dream In Into The Wild

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In the novel, Into The Wild, Chris McCandless is someone who lacks common sense. Although McCandless is in fact book smart and has gotten an education, he still lacks the required ability to have a good sense of judgment. He only has his mind set on one plan, and that plan is Alaska. On his way to The Last Frontier, McCandless meets and encounters many different people and places. Everywhere he goes on his journey, he influences people negatively and positively because of his decision making and actions. McCandless cannot see or realize that people care and love him. He has met so many people on his adventure and they all loved Chris. Everyone enjoyed his presence but he would always leave them to continue his journey to Alaska. One person he had met was Ronald Franz, a older man who became close friends with McCandless . Franz liked him so much that he asked Chris if he could adopt him to be his grandson. “So I asked Alex if I could adopt him, if he would be my grandson.” Franz took care of McCandless by giving him a home to stay and food to eat. Chris leaves Franz all alone despite the life he’d provided him, this made Franz become very sad and eventually ill. McCandless also left his family without a word, they would never hear from …show more content…

He does not understand or know the importance of money and possessions. Along his journey, he is required to work short-term back-breaking jobs to earn enough money to move on. Many of McCandless’s friends had offered and given him gifts to help aid him on his trip, but most of the time he refused them and leaved. During the time when McCandless had graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, he received about 24 thousand dollars to attend law school. What he ended up doing instead was donating it all to a charity dedicated to fighting hunger called OXFAM. The irony of this is that McCandless dies from starvation once he finally reaches

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