Chris Mccandless Motives For Into The Wild

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Although there are varied opinions on Chris McCandless, we may never get to know the full truth. He was a young man straight out of college who decided to drop everything he had to live a life on the road that would eventually lead him to the Alaskan wilderness. Many say he was reckless and naïve, while others applaud him for the journey he took, showing his bravery and courage. Much like Jon Krakauer, author of Into the Wild, I agree with the latter group. However, I don't think what he did was one-hundred percent responsible, instead I respect his vision to find himself and to get out. He showed immense passion and dedication towards what he wanted to achieve. He did what everyone wants to do at least once—escape. Through his writing, Krakauer was able to capture McCandless's fascination and desire that showed his vision and desire to get out and go. …show more content…

He was enthralled by the greenery and lively surroundings not found in the grey concrete jungles of civilization. Krakauer's descriptions of the surroundings and the environments McCandless was in helped explain his motives for the adventure and helped readers understand the need to escape by being bordered by nature. McCandless would surround himself with "tall grasses [that] sway in the breeze"(88) and would constantly be encased by "a bleached dome of sky, huge and empty" (32). The descriptions put readers in the setting and help them understand what McCandless saw. He saw a certain beauty that many people may be blind

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