Was Chris Mccandless Justified In Into The Wild

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In the book “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless was a young person who left home and left his family without letting anyone know to go live in the Alaskan wilderness.
However there are many reasons why he left his home in the first place. Even though he was unprepared before leaving his home and family. Chris McCandless was justified in leaving his family without a trace because of what happened in his life. Also because there were many disagreements between him and his parents.
Chris McCandless was tired of him and ended them completely. Chris really never wanted to see his parents again. On page 6 the timespan of how long they haven't spoken to each other says “ In fact he hasn't spoken to his family in nearly two years”. …show more content…

Chris always felt more at home in nature then he did in his parents house. In the documentary, Into the wild ́ Chris' sister Carine said that “ever since his first trip into the wild he loved nature and how he would always strive for an adventure” and he said “if you know how an adventure ends then is it really worth it.” Chris liked nature so much he even wrote a book before he ended up dying.
Last reason is that he wanted to find himself. After Chris graduated college he wanted to find who he really wanted to be. In the documentary, “Into the wild” Carine said before he left he sent a letter saying that the reason he left was because he wanted to find who he really wanted to be in life and how he wanted to adventure the wilderness. Chris also wanted to leave the past and see how the future turns out for him.
Some people who have read the book might say that Chris McCandless was insane and crazy for leaving his family and home behind without a trace. Chris’s parents never really understood what was best for Chris and they never wanted to acknowledge what Chris wanted.
Especially when Chris was unprepared when he went into the wilderness. It seemed as

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