How Does Chris Mccandless Have A Personal Response To Into The Wild

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Into The Wild Semester 1 Final
Wouldn’t you like to understand exactly why someone would want to leave everything for a chance to find some freedom away from their family and all they have ever known. Into The Wild is a book, written by Jon Krakauer, about a boy who leaves his home and his future behind to go on an adventure across the West Coast, Mexico, Canada, and eventually ends in Alaska. One question this book is asking is: is it really worth is to leave your family behind in your search for true happiness in solitude? Chris McCandless left his family in his search for happiness and peace, but one mistake he made may have been leaving his family behind. (prompt and question)
One part that may have lead Chris McCandless to leave could have been because of his parents. He had never really had the best relationship with them, because they shared completely different beliefs and ideals on topics like money and freedom. In a letter to …show more content…

Even if he did eventually find the peace and solitude he was looking for in Alaska, his family did not. “From then on he scrupulously avoided contacting either his parents or Carine, the sister for whom he purportedly cared immensely. ‘We were all worried when we didn’t hear from him’ says Carine, ‘and I think my parents’ worry was mixed with hurt and anger. But I didn’t really feel hurt by his failure to write. I knew he was happy and doing what he wanted to do; I understood that it was important for him to see how independent he could be. ” (Krakauer 125) Even though his sister understood why he left and didn’t write, his parents did not. They later admit that if they had known where he was, they would have gone out there and tried to bring him home. If only he had left them a note or some warning of where he was going and when he might be back, they may have felt slightly more relieved and comforted by him leaving so

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