Chris Mccandless Essay

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Chris McCandless

Chris McCandless is a great inspiration to the people he met on his journey to Alaska. Jan Burres was inspired, by McCandless’s courage to live on his own. Ronald Franz drinking habits were killing him from the inside, but once he met Chris he got inspired for his word from god. Wayne Westerberg is inspired by McCandless strong minded and his courage to move away from society. Chris McCandless experiment to whom connected to his struggles in life and family life.
First, Chris McCandless left a strong impression on Jan Burres. Alex would help her when she needed to go. Jan Burres says “ He helped me a bunch”. According to the text McCandless would take care of her thing when she needed to go somewhere. Jan Burres once had a kid, but he ran away like McCandless. Jan Burres doesn’t fell how her son ran away from his mother. …show more content…

Franz lost his wife and his son that was going to graduate from Medical school the following June. Ronald says “God he was a smart kid”. From the reading, I know that Franz had a drinking habit, so that made him a more independent person. Ronald felt that he was talking to his own son when talking to McCandless. Franz was hoping to adopt McCandless after he came back from his trip.
Finally, Westerberg never had someone to talk to. Wayne Westerberg was an independent person until he met McCandless. Wayne Westerberg says “We talked for hours about books”. There aren’t many people that like to talk about books in Carthage like McCandless did. Ever since McCandless met Wayne Westerberg, he has been more open about his thought.
In conclusion, Chris McCandless has inspired many people to this day. The people that read Into the wild has been inspired by the McCandless true story. Chris McCandless is a great inspiration to whom connected to his struggles in life and family

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