Compare And Contrast Mccandless And Mccunn's Venture Into The Wild

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McCandless and McCunn's ventures into the wild had similar intentions and strategies. Although, the outcome of their ventures were slightly different.
Both men displayed a certain degree of common sense. They were both friendly, curious, responsible, educated and intelligent men. Having fairly average lives, with big aspirations for their future. Both men had the same intentions in mind, to set out on the road to Alaska. Their aspirations of Alaska had the same overall dream to live off the land. McCunn went to remain in the wilderness and shoot pictures of wildlife. McCandless went to live a simple life in nature without materialistic influence. They both made it to Alaska and lived their dream for a short time. McCunn ended his journey in the interior and remote part of Alaska. The winters here were deadly cold and a person would have to be extremely resourceful to survive. McCandless found his refuge in Denali national park Alaska on a deserted bus with little resources. Both had an …show more content…

McCunns journal telling a story of adventure yet struggles in the wilderness. How he realized he was not prepared for such an adventure and never arranged his departure out of Alaska. He spoke of his feelings both physically and emotionally until the end. Some of his journal entries were published in a five part story by Kris Calls in the Fairbanks Daily news-miner. McCandless journal tells a somewhat similar story of his journey on the road to Alaska and continues when he reaches his destination. His journal also holds words of disappointment in his last days. He speaks of his desperate and progressively futile efforts to survive. His journal entries were also published. The new York times published his journal entries which lead to his story being published by Jon KrakAuer. Both men’s journals are the only evidence of their dream being pursued in the wilderness of

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