What Is Chris Mccandless Thesis For Into The Wild

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Into the Wild
Christopher McCandless is a son of wealthy parents which were graduates from Emory University as a top student and athlete. Chris McCandless was seeking into the wilderness to show people he can really do it. Krakauer’s statement was proven to show his actions and support his courageous from living in the wilderness. McCandless wanted to walk to Alaska to start his journey on the hike. His adventure lasted 113 days in the wilderness which turned into something that shouldn’t have happened. He lost a couple of his survivor tools and that costed him some some of the food he wasn’t able to catch. McCandless was going on his own to test his strengths and weakness and see how far and long he will survive in the wilderness, He was …show more content…

He was catching food and his confidence level was pretty high. He went to Alaska to go into the wilderness which was freezing cold and trying to find somewhere to be warm. The bus is where he was sleeping. McCandless would write notes every morning on what he would be doing and how the day before he had done. Throughout his journey he started loosing the the survivor tools that he must use to kil prey.
On his 113th day adventure he was writing his notes on a paper and pen of how he believes its his every day of living in the wild. I think that he wasn't going to make it even that long with the way the adventure was going. The adventure was a great way of him to see how hes doing and what he really wanted to accomplish. The ways to accomplish the journey is figuring out what to do. The adventure of the wilderness is something that is occurring throughout very many different wishes. He just wanted to live the dream he wanted to pursue in the adventure of catching prey and surviving in the wilderness on its own. Applies to McCandless journey in a few ways of his childhood. He then realized how all the factors in different reasoning in the entire prompt and wilderness. He was very brave throughout the

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