What Is Christopher Mccandless Journey In Into The Wild

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Christopher McCandless’ long, fascinating, but ultimately fatal journey into the wilderness of Alaska is depicted in the biography, Into the Wild, written by Jon Krakauer.. By the late summer of 1990, a very young Christopher McCandless left his ordinary world in Annandale, Virginia to pursue a solitary life in the untamed wilds of Alaska. McCandless’ call to adventure begins when he packs up his car and heads west, seeking a new life. McCandless’ goes on to encounter many setbacks. On April 27, 1992 the Westerbergs receive a postcard from McCandless stating that he accomplished his goal and now lives in Alaska among the wild. Many will insinuate that Christopher McCandless’ actions were childish and idiotic, but a stronger argument would …show more content…

McCandless began hitchhiking from that day on forward, embracing a new way of living. When taking an in depth look at his exceptional way of living, referring to John Locke's theories “the inevitable pursuit of happiness and pleasure” would rejuvenate McCandless’ new lifestyle. One looks at the lost of McCandless’ car as a setback, nonetheless McCandless’ took this as an opportunity to further explore not only the country, but himself as well. Jon and Bob Burres were one of the first to pick up McCandless’ while hitchhiking, he would brag about his new and exciting lifestyle too the eccentric rubber trampers. McCandless’ ideology behind only eating edible can be proven to have a greater meaning to it. Nevertheless you can look at Dr. Clay Routledge Article on Psychology Today which elaborates on the reasoning of why we act or do something, Dr. Clay Routledge state that one's mind is programed to participate into activity that we find pleasure, all inevitably leading to discovering something new within yourself, in this scenario McCandless eats plants. Bullhead City, Arizona known as an eccentric city and for it astonishing personalities.McCandless fell in love with Bullhead City because it broke the rule of social influence, extracting the fear of being heavily judge on one's’ …show more content…

His relationship with Ron Franz could be considered a coupling medicine for his aloof and damaged relationship with his father. An average person would conclude that McCandless and Franz relationship was unhealthy, but one cannot surpass the blissfulness role they play in each other. They shared a bond similar to a father and son. An 80 year old man seeing quality of his dead son in a young adult who is enjoying time with a father figure that accepts him for his eccentric thinking and unconventional way of living. McCandless’ understood his new lifestyle did not include an 80 year man living life through him. McCandless’ ordeal would come when Ron Franz, politely and desperately ask Alex if he could adopted him to carry on his family name. McCandless’ having sympathy for the old man dodges the question stating “we’ll talk about it when I get back from Alaska, Ron”. McCandless’ said that knowing that he had no intention on coming back due to his pursue in a deeper meaning in life. Immanuel Kant and Christopher McCandless share parallelism “the free and proper exercise of reason by individual was a theme of enlightenment” reasoning why McCandless ended his interactions with Franz. McCandless impact on Franz was substantial, after hearing about his death he quit his religious practice not understanding why god allows

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