What Is Chris Mccandless Role In Into The Wild

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In the novel " Into The Wild " by Jon Krakauer it goes into depth about the life and back story of the main character Chris McCandless. Throughout the book its depicts the highs and lows of Chris' life and his adventures of risk and self reinvention while out on the road and in the wild. Chris travels from state to state for several years and meets an eclectic amount of people who were very generous and kind. They young boy decided to left his home and his family to cleanse himself of societies impurities and to find what he really wants from his life. Sadly his journey was ended short but his story still lives on because of Krakauer and his readers. The stories of Chris that Krakauer shares are inspiring and emotional, because of the amount of risks the young man took. …show more content…

Risk and self reinvention is a key principle in this novel, Chis McCandless was an intelligent soul, who wanted to forget all the issues with his past life and start anew. Krakauer Establishes this role by strategically placing emphasis on key instances throughout the book. As the author he provides the reading audience with Chris' story, hoping to grab the attention of the reader. "Chris was hungry to learn about things. Unlike most of us, he was the sort of person who insisted on living out his beliefs." (Krakauer 65). Chris McCandless was someone who constantly thrived to learn new things. For instance, when he learned to make leather from a friendly stranger while out on the road, to working at a grain elevator and learning the ins and outs of that occupation. The author also emphasized the beliefs and views of the main character, and how he wanted to rid himself of everyone close to him and meet a new strand of people across the United States. Some one like Chris who wanted to reinvent themselves using the wild and risk is quite out of the ordinary. His story will continue to inspire readers and tug at

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